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Civilian Power Wagon and M37 V8 PS Bracket Mod

For M37 proceed as follows:

1. Pictured below is a 318/360 power steering bracket plate with our template laid over the upper end. Scribe a line along the straight side and cut the bracket in half along the mark with a hacksaw.


2. Next flip the larger piece over and move the small one around to the side as shown below.


3. Mount the two pieces on the engine as shown below and tack weld the two plates together as shown.

4. Rotate the bracket adjustment slot to the other end and tack weld that end. You can now remove the assembly and finish welding it from one end to the other.

5. Next attach your pump and pulley to the bracket and mount it to the engine. You will have to add an extra spacer between the engine and the inner bracket plate (about 2 half inch nuts worth).


 For WDX power wagons the following is required due to the shorter waterpump.

1. You will have to flatten the bracket plate as shown below. The top one has been flattened and the lower one is as original (the black circle is a 1/2" drive socket used to prop them up for the picture, ignore it)


2. You will have to put the pivot bolt through the upper of the two 3/8" holes in the plate to lower the pump so it's pressure hose will not hit the engine. The small end piece of metal you cut off will have to be moved upward about 1" so that it will work with the upper pivot hole.

 3. you will need to use different bolt spacers depending on which crank and fan pulleys you are using so that all of the pulleys line up with each other.




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